Nazario Assad Nakur, founder of our company in Northern Mexico, was the father of Nazario, Pedro and Eduardo (2nd Generation) and grandfather of Eduardo and Daniel Assad (3rd Generation). This man of very humble beginnings worked until he could start a tiny little local shop that sold sundries and notions that he would travel to find and put into his very little store called Mercerio El Coinor Mercerio. Finished cotton threads were a part of his purchases.

As time passed, Nazario asked himself, why not acquire some machines to do spooling and save the cost of buying already finished spools? He bought two small spooling machines. As more time passed, Nazario asked himself, why not buy cotton thread in the natural and save the cost of dyeing by dyeing it myself?

As one can imagine, Nazario became a self taught expert in the making of various cotton sewing threads. Being the kind of hard working and resourceful person that he was, Nazario would travel and venture from his little store with his family and his own thread in a van and personally call on other stores throughout the north of Mexico. With no more than a hand shake and his personal integrity, he built a reputation for honesty, service and quality.

Nazario’s three sons Nazario, Pedro and Eduardo grew as their father’s business grew. Hilos Iris, the company, was founded in 1955 and the three sons continued the legacy handed to them by their father. Through the years Nazario Sr. continued to personally visit the loyal customers he developed early on.

Today Hilos Iris is a totally vertically integrated world class manufacturing company. The company is in the hands of the third generation, Eduardo and Daniel Assad. The company’s mission is to always put the customer first. It is quite interesting that when Nazario took his family on a vacation it was usually by car and always included customer visits. He would be very proud of what his sons have built and of the continuing growth the third generation is achieving.