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The story of Hilos Iris SA de CV began when Nazario Assad Nakur, the founder of our company in northern Mexico, started from humble beginnings and opened a small store called Mercería El Coinor. Initially, he bought finished threads but later decided to save money by acquiring machines to make spools and dye the threads himself. He became a self-taught expert in thread manufacturing.

Hardworking and astute, Nazario traveled with his family in a van to visit other stores in northern Mexico. Through honesty and quality, he built a solid reputation. His three sons, Nazario, Pedro, and Eduardo, grew up with the business, founding Hilos Iris in 1955 and upholding their father's legacy. Over the years, Nazario Sr. continued to personally visit his loyal customers.


Today, Hilos Iris is a world-class, vertically integrated company, led by the third generation, Eduardo and Daniel Assad. Their mission is to always put the customer first. Interestingly, even on road trips during vacations, Nazario would include visits to clients. He would be incredibly proud of what his children have achieved and the ongoing growth of the third generation.

From Generation to Generation:

A 70-Year Legacy,

Weaving Threads that Inspire and Endure




At Hilos Iris SA de CV, we are dedicated to being leaders in the textile industry of embroidery threads, sewing, and related products in Mexico. With over 65 years of experience, our mission is to provide the highest quality products that inspire creativity and perfection in the art of sewing and embroidery. We are committed to offering our customers a wide range of innovative and reliable threads, backed by a legacy of excellence and exceptional service. We work tirelessly to be an indispensable partner for all those seeking the utmost quality in every stitch.

"At Hilos Iris SA de CV, we aspire to be recognized as the undisputed benchmark in the textile industry, solidifying our position as the thread brand of choice in Mexico. We seek to maintain and surpass our leadership position, leveraging the rich tradition of over 65 years of excellence. We strive to be pioneers in innovation, constantly offering products that anticipate the needs and desires of our customers. Our vision is to be a symbol of quality, trust, and creativity, contributing to the art of sewing and embroidery with products that stand out for their durability, versatility, and beauty.